Come on Mrs. May – Show Some Leadership

Monday 21st November

Every new prime Ministers comes in with a degree of good will, and especially so with Mrs. May, after the departure of the much disliked Cameron; incidentally how strange that we end up hating every leader after a few years – only to often resurrect them when their successors fall out of favour in their turn.   So why have we seen and heard so little from Mrs. May?  She has not only been quiet about her plans for Brexit but she has hardly spoken on any other subject.  Bland statements such as “Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a success of it” hardly count as policy direction.

The Brexit vote itself was very divisive and even now the question is far from settled.  How exactly do we leave the EU?  Do we leave the Single Market too, and the Customs Union, and the European Court of Human Rights (which actually preceded and is not part of the EU) – and how about shared Intelligence and Common Border Procedures?  We could go on and on, but the most alarming fact is that we have heard nothing from our P. M.  Okay, I understand the argument, that before formal discussions begin she doesn’t want to reveal her negotiating position, but in reality her hand will be shown on day one of the talks.  And would it not make much more sense to go to parliament and try (difficult as it may be) to get some sort of consensus; her hand will be much stronger if she does, and much worse if with every leak there are howls of discontent from Parliament.

And we must not forget the 48% who voted to Remain, or the farmers who won’t be able to get the crops collected, or the Restaurants and Coffee Shops who rely on Europeans as British kids don’t want to work in kitchens or serve at tables, or the nurses in the NHS.

Mr. Cameron called the referendum partly to shut up critics in his own party who kept ‘banging on’ about Europe.  He should have learnt from Scotland; he thought the referendum would shut the Jocks up – but in fact it simply bolstered their support.  Same as Europe; it doesn’t matter how much red meat you feed them the EU-hating sharks will still circle the boat screaming for more.  And the quieter she is the noisier they become.

So, please Mrs. May – step up to the plate and show some leadership.