About The Book

Catherine may lack a father, and has but a shadow of a mother, but she does possess both sense and sensibilities; maybe just too much of both.   She has been brought up in Grandma’s safe and secure world, with all its’ petty prejudices and lies – the lies about her mother, and why her father had to be left behind in Cyprus, and of course the lies about Grandma herself.  This is a story of two worlds colliding, as Catherine starts to fall in love with a most inappropriate person, she has to decide between the safe secure cupboard she has been brought up in and the wide exploding world of 1972.   Catherine has written her own Story, but other people keep interspersing their version of events; her first lover Adrian, and Grandma too.

This is a story of love and discovery, of betrayal and of a family destroying itself from within.   As Catherine says “We really should have talked to each other about all of the lies, all of the past, but we weren’t that sort of family, not that sort of family at all.”