Botched-up Bodies

Wednesday 24thJuly

Sometimes one’s TV selection is simply a case of the least awful viewing.  Or flicking from one channel to another until you settle on something that mildly amuses one.  So it was last night when after a sweep of the channels we settled on ‘Botched Up Bodies’, where we were served up a selection of repair jobs on private cosmetic operations that went wrong.   This programme is designed for us smug buggers who have either never had the vanity or maybe the money to waste on such bodily mutilation.  And it is always private medicine to blame – note to the Tories who want the whole health system to be privatized.

But do these idiots never ask themselves what on earth were they thinking having the wretched tits enlarged or lips plumped up in the first place. And yet here they are again getting their mis-shaped, bruised and lop-sided and leaking tits out for the camera.   Have they no shame?  Do they phone round their neighbours before the thing is shown to tell them to watch it?  What do their kids think?  I would be horrified if my mum got her boobies out on national tv?   So would the rest of the population.

Also, why oh why are Doctors who have trained for seven years to learn how to make people better and to save lives wasting their talents on this shit?

Oh yes, I forgot – the wonderful capitalist system.  It seems that making money overcomes any possible ethical dilemma they may have had.  And no matter how many programmes there are showing the awful results of this butchery, the number of stupid gullible (and sad to say) mostly women who are prepared to be cut up and stuffed full of poison and bags of silicone gel is ever lengthening.   Let me tell you girls, nice tits may attract men in the first place, but once they have been handled, sucked, weighed and counted a few times – the novelty wears off.  Bouncy boobs may get a man’s attention but it is the person behind the tits who will keep him interested in the long term.