Thursday 25thJuly

Let’s get one thing straight – I am not complaining about the weather.  Per se.  But I do feel exhausted almost all of the time.  No, I am not complaining about the weather, but about work.  And specifically working in the hot weather.   Humans are not designed to work at the same pace all year round.   The weather and the length of the day should dictate how active we are, not the requirements of business.  And the work that I do is always there, week in, week out.  It actually makes no difference if the Restaurants are busy or quiet.  The numbers may change but there are still the same number of numbers to be numbingly processed every week.

And with the difficulty in sleeping you wake up as tired as you went to bed.  Then the tube is as packed as ever, and it is strap-hanging (or rail gripping) most journeys in overbearing heat.

We are going to France this week, and the annual ritual of loading the car (my partner drives, I fly) is in full flow.  I cannot quite believe how after about ten car trips already under our belt we still need to take quite so much stuff every time.  What possible eventuality have we missed this time.   And it is, of course – you guessed it, my job to load the car, and despite my protestations that the car is full more and more items keep appearing at the top of the stairs for me to find a space for.

And sometimes I feel I just cannot cope anymore.  It is almost a physical ache, this feeling of utter exhaustion.  In some ways I go to work to escape the work at home.  At least I am sitting down there.  Despite all of the above I am actually looking forward to France again, even though the jobs are already lining up for me, making up a flat-pack chest of drawers and painting another set of windows.  No doubt I will return after my short four day trip – exhausted.