A Word or Two About Europe

Saturday 26th January Last night, Thursday, I watched Question Time, and was appalled.  The anti-European attitude from some in the audience made me shudder.  It is almost akin to Racism, and I am sure these same people don’t exactly like Gays either.  What is happening to this country?  And just as in the same way that many Racists love curry and soul music, many of these Europhobes probably enjoy their holidays in Spain too.

Part of the trouble is that they do not know their History.  For over two thousand years there have been wars in Europe, culminating in the two worst bloodbaths known to man, and not even one hundred years ago either.  The creation of the European Union was the result of a determination to never repeat those atrocities again.  By tying each other together economically and socially we would become far more like America, where the differences of Maine and Montana are joined in a common wealth. The world should be pulling together, rather than worrying about Nation states and Sovereignty. Just look at a map of the world and half the countries were the result of Colonial expansion; lines were drawn in the Desert, lines of latitude, rivers and mountain ranges became boundaries.  Yet DNA testing tells us that we are all linked and even the strangest and most different looking of us are all closely related to each other.

Europe is a great idea; yes, one that needs constant reform and change and adaptation.  But threatening to take our ball away if we are not successful is just plain daft.

So, just a few questions for David;

How successful will your negotiations have to be for you to recommend staying in?

What exactly do you want from the negotiations (just so we can measure how successful you might have been)?

If your argument is that the British people need a say on Europe, how often should they have a say, because it is nearly 40 years since the last time? So, let’s say every 40 years until we eventually vote to come out?

What exactly happens if the public doesn’t like what you have negotiated and says NO?