A Glimmer of Sunshine

Sunday 27th January After all the snow and rain and forecasters worrying us all it has turned out a really nice day.

That’s all I really have to say.  Just a quick hello to sunshine again, almost the first glimmer we have had this year.  And although almost undoubtedly it will turn nasty again before long, at least for today we can relax and enjoy that pale wintry sun on our cheeks. And what a difference a day makes, yesterday it was two jumpers and two coats and still I was frozen walking the dogs on the beach.

Today it is still cold but there is very little of that biting wind and one padded jacket keeps you warm. How important the sunshine is to our moods. How happy it makes us feel as suddenly all that economic doom and gloom recedes, and it is the weekend too.  So, enjoy this glimmer of sunshine, for it will be raining again soon, of that you can be sure.