The Shortest of Short-shorts

Thursday 31st July

I am now in France for a few days, so posts may be thin on the ground.  Writing this before I leave I am celebrating the current hot weather and the fact that so many young women are wearing the shortest of short-shorts.  And why not, if they have the legs for it.  Gorgeous long legs, tanned and unadorned by tights and stocking and seeming to go on forever are wonderful.   And so we men have been treated during this lovely warm weather.  But today (Tuesday) I saw the most ridiculous sight.  A man in short-shorts.  He must have been at least forty and fat to boot.  His stomach in a tight white Adidas top was stretched tight over his belly, he had a darkish complexion and heavy black stubble.  Fortunately he was wearing dark shades so we couldn’t see his piggy eyes.  But we could see his shorts, and My God how short they were.  And slightly loose too.  Black short shorts flapping around and revealing two hairy arse cheeks wobbling with every ridiculous step he took.  Don’t these idiots ever look in the mirror before leaving the house.  Obviously not.

I can still remember a few years back the embarrassment I felt as a similarly (un)clad man sat opposite me and a bollock escaped his underpants and made its appearance beneath the hem of his shorts.  Ugghhh !!!

No, short-shorts must be a fashion confined to the young and beautiful, and preferably women too.