A Country Under Seige

Wednesday 30th July

During the Second World War Britain was indeed a country under siege, and by self-declaring it did unify the nation against the external peril.  The threat was real and for a couple of years at least our very existence was in danger.

When Israel was first created it very soon became a country under siege.  The Arab nations around hated it and threatened to exterminate it.  Rightly the country became unified under this external threat.  However that threat has been perpetuated ever since and now Israel exists in a constant state of fear of its neighbours.  What is more it makes sure that this is so.  Being in a constant state of fear creates the siege mentality we now see, where very provocation, every stupid statement, every real suicide bomber or rocket becomes a threat to the very existence of the country.  If there is a constant external threat then no-one will notice the internal one – which might just be their own intolerance.  And the more the world condemns their actions the more this re-enforces their siege mentality.  The world hates us.  The world has always hated us – because we are Jews.  Wrong.  So wrong.  The world hates what is being done in your name, the world hates the indiscriminate (despite all the claims to the opposite) killing of innocent people.  And especially so, because it is being done by Jews, the very people who having suffered such discrimination and genocide should of all people understand the suffering of others.  Most of us know Jewish people.  They are good, loving people and we find it so hard to understand how the Jews in Israel can behave in this uncivilized way.  But it is the state of siege that does it.  And though Israel is now by far the most powerful state in the whole Middle East the lie is still perpetrated.  It is almost as if being hated by everyone gives them their whole sense of identity and righteousness.

So a country that thinks it is under a state of siege is bombarding a real country that is truly under a state of siege.  How ironic.