The Bombay Busserie

Sunday 24th July

The French don’t really get curry, their version is always bland, but a recent addition to the scene here in this little corner of South West France is the Bombay Busserie.  And it is a real bus; one of those short single deckers, that has been converted into a fast food van.  Although when I say fast, I mean actually quite slow.  It is gradually becoming established and for the last few Saturday nights has been outside the bar in a small village a few kilometers away called Allemans sur Dropt.  And there is music too; our friend Kenny sings Blues and Rock’n’Roll and plays harmonica and vocal duties are shared by James Anderton who has been on the West End stage and has a more varied repertoire even including a bit of Opera.

The food is really good, even if you have to order and pay for it and then wait until the food is cooked and your name is called  – usually about an hour.  They do three types of curry – Madras for Men, Bhuna for Women and Korma for those who don’t really know what a curry should be – hahaha; and you can have lamb, chicken or vegetable.  There are also onion bhajis, samosas and naan bread.  And it is pretty good too, almost approaching an English High Street curry cooked by Indians, Pakistanis or Bangla-Deshis, but surprisingly this is cooked by an English couple.  So, we settle back, have a glass of wine and listen to Kenny and James and eventually get our curry.  Strange that we have come all the way to South West France to get a decent Indian curry cooked by English people.