Brilliant Debut Albums #46

The Enid – Aerie Fairie  Music (1977)  This band, which was mainly the brainchild of Robert Godfrey, who was classically trained, came to fruition in the middle of punk.  They had been involved with Barclay James Harvest a few years earlier, and in many ways they missed the Prog-Rock boat.  This is really far more classical than Rock, and as such fell sharply between two stools.  But briefly they shone, especially with this album which drifts along beautifully – though even I rarely play it these days.  Haunting melodies hidden in quite lush arrangements.  Still – worth a listen, especially for tracks like ‘Mayday/Galliard’ and ‘Child Rolande’.  Too esoteric for most I suspect -but the band has a constant fanbase and have released regularly including this Century