Stories that never disappear

Wednesday 21st May

And there are some stories that never disappear:

Madeleine McCann; poor innocent child who is almost certainly dead, but the mystery surrounding her disappearance keeps getting new leases of life.  I don’t think we will ever find out exactly or even approximately what happened.  And where once I was almost sick of her parents harrowing faces I now am bored with it all.

Princess Diana and the whole Duke of Edinburgh conspiracy thing.  Was she pregnant with a Muslim baby?  Did she know stuff about Charlie boy that had to be hushed up?  Were here kids actually Charles’s in the first place.?  And linked in with that the whole “Will Camilla ever be Queen” stuff.  Far too boring but this stuff keeps getting a fresh airing every so often in the press.

And of course the whole Celebrity “Who is shagging who” nonsense, footballers wives and girlfriends and one-night stands with escort girls, and ridiculing the size of their willies.  Too, too boring I am afraid.

These are the stories that I wish would disappear,  but I guess the sad truth is that the papers have to be filled with something…