Stories That Disappear

Tuesday 20th May

Just like the Mystery of the Malaysian Jet stories that are one day all over the papers seem to disappear.  The story of the jet which so excited us has gone completely leaving less than a ripple in the ocean it probably dived into.  All those conspiracy theories, was it the pilot, was it a mechanical failure, was it a suicide bid of some sort, are of no interest at all now.  It seems that we have all accepted that it is somewhere under the sea and that maybe one day it will be discovered; no news now emerges of the daily searches, of the ships rushing to the area, of the beeps from the black box.  All is quiet.

Oscar Pistorious is slightly different, the trial has been going on so long and with so many interruptions that many of us have given up on ever getting a verdict.  Oscar is now apparently undergoing psychiatric analysis to see if he was temporarily insane at the time he killed Reeva.  And as the trial trundles on what was the hot topic for all of us, most I think fairly sure that he killed her in a fit of rage, has died.  Does anyone now care what he did or how it happened or what his penalty will be?  All is quiet

And then there is the phone hacking trial.  This was huge a few years ago, and had the potential to almost bring down the Government.  An inquiry was set up, Rupert Murdoch was questioned, the News of the World was closed and Rebekah and Andy Coulson were put on trial.  Andy you will remember was Cameron’s Director of Communications and was protected for a while.  Now the trial has been going on for months with no sign of an end.  I suspect that the verdict, when it ever comes, will be a one day news story, hardly bothering our consciousness at all.  All will be quiet again.