Soiree Vegetarienne

Monday 27th February

Saturday night we had a vegetarian evening on the Café.  Run by Carl and Reynaud who have a Chambre D’Haute in town and also run a vegetarian food stall on the market, it was a great success.  Vegetarians are poorly catered for in France, “I suppose I can do an omelette” is a typical reply when you go to a new restaurant and as usual there is no veggie option at all on the menu.  We were a bit unsure, we knew maybe half a dozen vegetarians but were worried we wouldn’t fill the place.  As usual we shouldn’t have worried, we were full and could have sold a few more places.  The food was excellent, including the centerpiece, a huge baked cauliflower on each table which looked like a rising soufflé.  And very little was left on their plates.

I served the drinks and a great time was had by all.  It now looks like we will be having both an Indian/Thai and a Veggie evening once a month until the summer.  Another addition to Eymet life…