Return to France

Friday 11th April

Today, Thursday, I am flying back to France.  First flight this year actually.  My partner is already there, she drove down on Sunday and Is really enjoying herself.  I have been working hard, actually harder than for a very long time this last two weeks and I am exhausted.  It has been extremely stressful, with late night e-mails and phone calls from irate suppliers looking for payment.  And at work it has been constant.  I won’t bore you – everyone has a hard-luck story to tell.

I am trying not to worry, especially about the wages next week – first time with the agency and as I will be in France I am just a bit worried that it will go alright.  I have to try to let go, if it goes wrong there is very little I can do about it anyway.  I am almost dreading the return too.  I will have to work on Easter Monday, probably a long day, catching up.  At least the phone won’t be ringing constantly.

But for ten days I will be in my beloved Eymet, where the whole pace of life is different.  Everyone is laid back, relaxed, taking their time and enjoying themselves.  I can’t wait.  So bye for now.  It may well be that some days you don’t get a blog….so what?  I may have better things to do with my time.