P – is for Pink Floyd and a Messy Divorce

Tuesday 2nd August

The Final Cut was ironically the final cut that the classic Pink Floyd made; the album broke the band.  Or rather Roger Water’s paranoia and increasing dominance of a group that had once been more like a hippy collective than a classic rock band.  Rick Wright was even relegated to a paid session player as Roger insisted on everything being more and more political and angry.  Well, of course the band broke up after or during this, and were never really the same again.  The three remaining members, who managed to keep the name, released two more albums a few years apart and an excellent live one too.  But somehow the magic had gone, this was a gentler sound, excellently played but lacking in any real energy – or relevance.

Roger also released three more records, much in the same vein as The Wall and The Final Cut, but although quite successful these also lacked something.  Roger has continued to tour every few years, reprieving both Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, and if you closed your eyes it really could be the Pink Floyd of old; he employed brilliant players and spared nothing in effects and incredible video and light shows.

The original band had practically ceased to exist when Rick Wright died a couple of years ago.  Dave Gilmour re-mixed some left-over music and released “Endless River” a year ago, but this was a pale shadow of Floyd music – one wonders why he bothered, but then it sold massively well, so more pennies in the coffers.  In a way both Roger and he are milking the old legacy of Pink Floyd.  And the saddest part is that Syd Barrett, the founder of the Floyd, who disappeared in the early Seventies suffered from mental illnesses and died a few years ago away from all the fame and success and the wonderful music he had helped to create..  The band is no more, the divorce is final (but I bet we still get a few more re-releases and box-sets).