2066 – William is deeply affected by Janek’s plight

Monday 1st August

-[Oh Janek, my heart went out to you as I read those words, as they slowly appeared, letter by painful letter on the screen.  For after all of this, the new republic, the advance and success of the Hypercom world, the ‘select’ programme itself; we are still humans.   Yes, my friend, I will talk to you.  Face to face.  No screen-conferring, no artificial interface at all.  I am looking forward to it.  I am more confident than a few days ago that this will turn out well.  We made a mistake, but hopefully not a fatal one.  It was stupid of us to have attempted the reverse conjoining in quite the way we did.  I know that Janek himself was pushing for this too, but we should have been more cautious.  Why was there such a rush?  What advantage did we gain in our headlong charge into the unknown?

Well, there is no point in recriminations.  The very nature of ‘select’ is to learn about the human mind, to change the nature of evolution.  And despite setbacks, despite this setback indeed, we have achieved so much.   I am not sure exactly how we will communicate.  Your speech is still slurred to the point of incomprehensibility.  I will make sure there is a slate available for you, and an old-fashioned biro, if that is what you would prefer.  I am even making arrangements for your old A4 yellow lined pads to be fed-exed over at once, if you want to use them.

We have also attempted a different way of accessing Janek’s stored memories from the Hypercom databank.  We are running one of them through an extremely low-level, still experimental version of nanopowered slate.  This is built organically using living cells and uses only three percent of micropower, just a glimmer of energy.  The slate is also very low-level tech, similar to those old tablets that swept the world fifty years ago.  Absolutely no link however to any other tech at all; a very simple set-up.  We are even transferring the memory files, one at a time, by an old-fashioned memory stick.  So far, so good.  The image is only 2D of course, and cannot be copied, but although it eventually fades and dies it has lasted for at least an hour, and could be re-played again and again without deteriorating to any noticeable degree.  So, we now have great hopes of retrieving and actually saving his memories after all.]-