Nellie The Elephant (Alternative Lyrics)

Friday 25th August

Once to old UK
A traveling circus came,
They brought an incredible elephant
And Nigel was his name.
One dark night, (he was never that bright)

He slipped his UKIP handlers
And off he ran as fast as he came to good old Telly-land.

Nigel the Telly-star packed his trunk
And said goodbye to the circus

Off he went with a trumpety-trump
Trump, trump, trump

Night after night
He had danced to the circus band.
When Nigel was leading the big parade
He looked so proud and grand,
No more tricks for Nige to perform
They taught him the truth to evade.
And now he took the crowd by storm as the music played
When he said ‘Take control of our borders’
He was only following old Rupert’s orders

And from this tune by the light of the moon he never ever strayed

Nigel the Telly-star had sipped his pint
And said goodbye to the circus
Off he went with a bit of a hump
Trump, trump, trump

Nigel the Telly-star, his pint now drunk
He trundled off to the US jungle
Off he went with old Trumpety-trump
Trump, trump, trump
Nigel the Elephant resigned one more time
And trundled back to obscurity
Then he saw a fellow-trump
Trump, trump, trump

The head of the turds was calling
From the USA
They met one night and they both talked shite
On the road to Wankaway
Off he went with Don the trump
Trump, trump, trump

Nigel the telly-star sounded quite drunk
As he trundled along with the bungler
And the only sound we heard from these couple of turds
was Trump, trump, trump

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