Let’s Think Nice Thoughts

Thursday 24th January

Just for a change, let us try it.  Let us banish all those nasty things from our minds.  Despite the economy with those daily and dire warnings about the near and even the long term future; despite the graphs we see in our newspapers showing the debt rising inexorably higher and higher, and those that show our productivity and wealth slipping just as inexorably the other way; despite the distraction caused by Mr. Cameron and his half promise of a referendum on Europe, designed as it is to help the Tories win the next election and to quell the discontent within his own party, but which will simply muddy the water in our complex and ongoing relations with Europe; despite the news from Mali and Algeria and the talking up of a new front in the never-ending war on Muslim extremism; despite the cuts and hospitals threatened with closure; despite the weather with its threat of more snow, and cold driving rain; despite the fact that it is already almost one month of 2013 gone, when we have only just got used to writing 2013, and some of us are still thinking we are in the twentieth century; despite the continuing sex scandals, with Stuart Hall (another larger than life Northerner) being arrested for rape and sex offences against young girls; despite the dross we see nightly on the television; despite the success of 59 shades of grey, with its soft porn and degradation of women; despite all of the above – just try to think nice thoughts.

Trouble is I cannot really think of any….hahaha