Late October Sunshine

Monday 26th October

The weather here in South West France is splendid in the Summer; lots of really arm and sunny days – but Autumn can be quite mixed, with a fair helping of rain. Unlike the Mediterranean landscape, it is very green here.  Occasionally too we just get one of those beautiful clear and sunny days. Sunday was just like that.  It started off much like any other morning, a bit overcast, a touch gloomy and quite nippy.  But around ten the day burst. Almost like a late flowering shrub into life.  It was warm and spectacularly sunny, the square was bathed in light.

We always put out a few tables and chairs, even if it is raining, as it helps to advertise that we are indeed a café, and that we are open.  And business has been steady, with visitors seeking the warmth and shelter we offered.  But yesterday people were sitting outside and taking in the late October sunshine.  It almost feels like a stolen little pleasure, a last gasp of Summer, and of course it could well be the last really splendid day if the year.

We had a new exposition too, the really quite delightful paintings of Ingeborg Neale.  And just as the weather outside brought a touch of warmth and sunshine, inside Ingeborg’s paintings too brought a touch of warmth.