Tuesday 24th May

Besides the Referendum Campaign (and we still have a month to go) boring almost everyone to an early death there is an air of complacency settling over the ‘remain’ camp which is beginning to worry me.  The polls, unreliable in the General Election, are showing a small but consistent lead and the Bookmakers are now giving ‘Remain’ an almost 80% chance of winning.  We have almost every serious World leader or Economist or Businessman telling us we must remain – or face disaster.  And yet. And yet….

I feel that all of this advice has been given too soon, maybe hoping to achieve some sort of knockout blow early on, (which it hasn’t) and most importantly there is still no positive reason to vote Stay.

And the more the polls predict an easy victory the lazier Cameron and co. will become.  Then come two weeks out ‘Immigration’ will suddenly become the issue.  And who knows.  Also there is no way that Cameron can actually manage the news.  Another twist in the Greek Crisis, a sudden run on the pound, or migrants running amok in Calais – who knows, but it could all blow up in their faces, and the mood in the country turn from Apathy to some sort of Gung-Ho Nationalism.  Why, even if England start to do really well in the Euro Championships – it may bring on a feeling of Invincibility.  I just worry that the whole campaign has been built around Project fear, and the more that message gets rammed home, the less people are hearing it.  There is no single politician who is saying anything Good about Europe at all.  And the other lot haven’t really let either Boris or Nigel out of their boxes yet, it has all been Michael Gove and other minor characters for ‘Leave’ so far, which again tends to bore us all rigid.

And of course, the football could also distract us all so much that we don’t even bother to vote at all.  A low turnout will surely help the ‘Leave’ campaign more than ‘Stay’.  Apathy and Complacency combined and we could sleepwalk into the biggest mistake we have ever made.