Christmas – At Last

Thursday 25th December

So here it is, Merry Christmas – though just now (Christmas Eve) I am not so merry.  I am sitting almost alone in a pretty much deserted Pret near Baker Street.  Anyone with any sense has already cut and run and is sitting feet up on the sofa or fast asleep in bed.  One last day of work to finish; checking and reconciling last weekend’s frankly rather poor receipts and seeing which suppliers I can ignore until next year and which I will have to end up paying, spacing out some of the payments until next week.

Christmas always tires me out – or rather the preparation for it.  This year has seemed a marathon, or rather a series of long-distance sprints.  And even last night I was frantically wrapping presents at ten at night, instead of relaxing.  So it goes.  At least today I will finish early and be home by three.

So, what is it all about – Christmas?  Certainly it is nothing to do with celebrating the birth of Christ.  In some ways it is a commercial event, designed to make us part with our money.  It is also a time to forget for a few days our worries, financial, work and even family – as people do generally come together and seem genuinely happy to be with each other.  And yet so much seems to just be going through the motions.  None of us minds buying presents for the kids, but most adults do not need anything – it is really just another social convention.  Much like Christmas cards, which because of the cost of postage are more often than not exchanged rather than arriving on the doormat.  Anyway Mr. Scrooge will take off his grumpy hat for a few days and raise a glass to all my loyal readers who have put up with me over the last year.

We are travelling to France on Saturday, so as usual the regularity of my blogs may be disrupted for a few days.  Merry Christmas.