Ah, Boxing Day – the best day of all

Friday 26th December

All the tension is gone.  No-one now cares who bought what for whom, or if it was appropriate, or if they might like it, or if they had spent more on their present to you than you had on yours for them, or whether the turkey was dry or overcooked, or if the roast potatoes were a bit hard in the middle or if there was enough food or wine for everyone, or if you had remembered to post all your cards, or indeed anything anymore.  Christmas is over for another year.

And you can relax.  And enjoy yourself, and let’s face it – the cold meats are far better than the turkey could ever be.  Boxing Day is for relaxing, put your feet up and watch a bit of telly.  So raise a glass to yourself and promise yourself that next year you won’t be so stressed out because it is only a day, nothing special about it, just because it is Christmas day.  By boxing day next year no-one will remember or care anymore.  At last, at last Christmas is over.