Brilliant Debut Albums #9

Boston – Boston

Multi instrumentalist Tom Scholz had been writing and playing in small bands since the late 60s, with little success.  He made a demo tape, called Boston which was reviewed by Epic records who signed the band (which barely existed) in 1975 and insisted on them being recorded professionally.  Scholz and a friend John Boylan tricked Epic by re-recording the tracks with a minimum of session players a

nd Scholz playing all keyboards and guitars.  The eponymous album, released in ’76 sold by the  bucket-load and singles released were big hits, especially on the new format FM radio. It sold over 17 million copies in America (and it still sells well)– and no wonder; it is brilliant.  Lead track ‘More Than A Feeling’ is maybe the best, but there isn’t a poor song on it.  On it’s own it almost created a sub-genre of soft-rock 70’s anthemic music.  The tragedy is that Boston only released one other album, which was not so successful, and then Tom sort of retired, instead spending his time and money on developing electronic equipment.  He has this century released 4 more albums under the name Boston, but none have caught the public’s approval like the brilliant debut.