Brilliant Debut Albums #14

Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes

An American singer, songwriter and pianist; she was apparently a child prodigy on the piano.  This, her debut album was released in 1992 to pretty rave reviews which I read about.  I have always had a penchant for female singer-songwriters; I am always looking for that distinctive style or voice.  The album is quite autobiographical, detailing a sexual assault and discovering her own sexuality, as well as alienation and rejection.  Not that it is miserable, but a bit ‘in your face’.  It went to 14 in the UK charts.  Her voice is quite startling at times, swooping up and down – a bit like Kate Bush.  I played the album a lot at the time, but now find it a bit tiresome and repetitive.  I prefer a couple of her later offerings.  She is still recording and releasing albums.  Maybe, this is one artist in this series that few people have heard of.  Worth listening though to ‘Me And A Gun’, ‘China’ and ‘Silent All These Years’.

Little Earthquakes [Import]