Back in France, Back to Decorating

Saturday 21st September

I flew in on Thursday, and yesterday (today) I have been busy filling and painting.  I do still enjoy it, but the older I get the more painful it becomes.  It is the getting up off the floor I find so hard, where once I never thought about it.  Now I have to shuffle along and then roll over onto my hands and knees and steady myself as I become vertical.

The worst bit was the smallest room in the house, traditionally the hardest to actually paint.  Our bathroom here is very small, and contains a shower cubicle, toilet and sink.  This means that there is very little space either side of the toilet itself.  So trying to apply filler and then paint to the skirting board behind and at the sides of the pan is almost impossible.  Arms outstretched and leaning over the pan I can just about reach it, but then I cannot quite see what I am doing.  If I lean to one side enough to see then my hands do not quite reach.   And of course this is the bit that nobody ever sees, unless adopting a very unorthodox position for using the loo.  But some sort of stubborn pride makes me attempt as perfect a job as I can manage without removing the toilet altogether.

Even if no-one else knows I hadn’t painted that bit, I would know.  And would probably point it out to visitors too.  Hahaha.  Anyway, quite tired now.  The sun is shining and I will now go and sit in the garden for a bit.  Speak later.