Another Sunny Day. Another Cold

Monday 23rd September

Gorgeous sunshine here in Eymet.  Spent the morning painting the terrace doors; white on the inside and ‘Glade green’ facing the terrace.  It seemed to go on forever, so many surfaces, intricate fiddly bits, and the window edges, gliding the brush as close to the glass as you can, but eventually it was finished.

I was kept up part of the night with a sore throat, and today the cold proper came out and I haven’t stopped sneezing, which is some small handicap when painting.  I wonder if it is the flying, breathing in all that re-cycled air, or just a stray virus caught maybe on the tube before I left.  Colds are just an inconvenience to be got through, though the worst by far is that tickly cough at night when you just cannot stop those pathetic involuntary little coughs, until in the early hours I eventually drifted off to sleep.

Have been sitting in the sun, just lapping it up, this maybe last gasp of summer.  From early on this morning it was bright clear blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.  There is nothing quite like sipping a glass of cool beer outside the Café de Paris, watching the people come and go; mostly Brits, either living out here or on holiday.  The French tend to stay indoors on Sunday, except a few older residents going to church.

So, apart form the sniffly cold a good little visit.   Bathroom done, including laying a piece of lino, which as anyone who has tried knows is one of the hardest tasks known to mankind, especially in such a tight space, cutting round the toilet pan and the wash-basin pedestal.  Also the skirting boards filled and painted, and now the large terrace doors.

And now that the work is done, time for a bit of writing, the other reason for coming