A Woman’s Work Is Never Done

Wednesday 20th June

That’s why a Man has to finish it

Hahaha….And in great danger of being crucified by the fairer sex I will expand my theory.   Having lived with four or five specimens of womanhood, which I admit is by no means a comprehensive sample, I have discovered certain traits of behaviour common to them.  Namely that identifying a task (more often one for their partner than themselves) they do rather bang on about it, stating their intention time and again to do it.  They usually start some days later – as if repeating the thing is akin to actually doing it.  Likewise, at work they are very fond of having a meeting to decide to do something, often detailing at tedious length the requirements – but come next week’s meeting (why are we having this, I enquire – oh yes, to report on fact that the agreed task remains uncompleted), and it is immediately added to next week’s agenda.

And when a task is begun it is rarely actually finished…”I’ll just leave that till tomorrow”  or, “Well, I have made a start” we hear all too often.  If gardening there is no more dangerous sight than a woman with secateurs in her hands, as a large pile of thorny cuttings is strewn on the path and lawn – but, who is left to clear them up and bag and dispose of them (which takes longer than the pruning ever did).  Yes, you guessed correctly…and to put away the secateurs left in the rain too.  Ironing, if ever attempted, is another rarely completed task – about the half the ironing pile will be neatly folded (for someone else to put away) while the ironing basket is rapidly shuffled (still half-full) out of sight. (one partner used to have the whole bed in the spare bedroom as her ironing pile, simply rummaging each morning to drag out a skirt and blouse to iron before work…)

Not that we men really mind finishing off jobs, though always being the one to empty the dishwasher when the last plate has been used does get a bit annoying.

But, for all their minor faults, we men do love you women – even if only because it gives us a chance to moan about you….hahaha