Who will win in London

Thursday 26th April

For once an election is really almost too difficult to call, this time the London Mayoral Election.  And strangely we have the same three heading the main parties as last time round, Boris, Ken and Brian – a very unlikely trio.  Boris won last time because he was a bit dashing, a bit man of the people, a real character and very much larger than life.   He won in spite of being a Tory, and obviously a lot of normally Labour voters, especially women voted for the unashamed womaniser Boris.  Ken had been in charge for 8 years, and though far from a disaster, people were bored with him; the Evening Standard had also declared war on him and were drip-feeding public opinion daily – it has to be said that Ken’s arrogance did not help his cause either.   So when Ken won the Labour nomination this time around quite a lot of us sighed with resignation, ‘Oh no, not Ken again,’ and we assumed it would be an easy win for Boris.  But with the current disaffection with the Government the race is suddenly open again and anything might happen.  Ken may actually win despite his being Ken, if a slightly more contrite Ken than last time.  Of course there is the added juice that should Boris lose it is almost inevitable that this big beast of the Tory party will rapidly win some by-election and start his push to be the next leader of the Conservative party.  And who said politics was boring.