Where Are we? Does Anyone Really Know?

I could ask that question about almost anything these days; in fact it is probably the first thought I have on waking.  And truly I don’t think that anyone knows anything anymore.  The internet with all of that information, every encyclopaedia in the World and more is simply too much for anyone to take in.  The news leaves me more confused than before switching it on.  There are Climate Change Doomsayers and Deniers.  There are Trump Haters and Worshippers.  And most of all Brexit is still the huge dividing line in Britain.

We now have spent almost two years to come up with a deal for exiting, but still no real idea of the future trading relationship….exactly what were they doing in that time?   And even this deal, imperfect, flawed, but at least something is almost doomed to fail at the second hurdle (having limped over an ever distrustful and fractious Cabinet).  It seems almost certain that the ‘deal’ will not command a majority in Parliament.   Labour, because they are the Opposition, will of course oppose it; the SNP, because they are Scots, will oppose it, as will the few smaller parties.  But far more seriously the DUP, who May has pandered shamelessly to – will vote it down.  But worse than that many, maybe as many as 80 Mad Brexiteers will also vote it down, preferring the chaos of an immediate and final break with the EU rather than any degree of sense or continuity.

So, I repeat, where are we now – does anyone know?  Labour’s demands for a general election will not happen.  It would take many Tory votes to get this and they are running scared at the moment.  The idea of a Second Referendum is slowly gaining traction but unless either Corbyn or May asks for it, it won’t happen.  And even then the EU would have to grant us time to organise it – probably six months.  Then what would everyone be voting on?  The original question again? Or the current ‘failed’  deal or No deal,  or a three way including Remain?  And even worse – what if we get the same result – or even a very close one again.

Nothing will begin to heal the wounds of Brexit.  And the country will continue to drift aimlessly while everything just gets worse.