What is facebook all about

Monday 26th September   

I have been persuaded to, well, asked, but insistently so, to open a facebook account in order to further promote the book.  At first I wasn’t sure, I didn’t see the point; all my friends know about the book, and they have either decided to buy it or not – I haven’t asked.  I mean, it is up to them, so why should I continue to pester them, via facebook, or in any other way, and probably alienate the few remaining friends I actually do have completely.

It has however been explained to me that ‘friends’ on facebook are not real friends; you know the people  you can really rely on in an emergency, those who will stand by you whatever.  No, facebook ‘friends’ are more likely to be acquaintances, or in the increasingly trivial world we live in, acquaintances of acquaintances, or people one has never actually met or even heard of.  In this bizarre way, everyone will be ‘interconnected’.  How ghastly, you might as well just link into the phone book, if such things are even used by anyone anymore.

Somehow, again by internet magic, or some sort of osmosis, my ‘friends’ will share my messages with their ‘friends’ and then these total strangers will hear about and buy the book. If only it were that simple.  Oh well, I suppose I will give it a go, but I can assure you I will not actually involve as a ‘friend’ anyone I would actually consider as one.  How is that for convoluted logic.

So, I have, for the first time in my life, been on a social networking site, and thank goodness I was warned by a friend to restrict the information I divulge, so you will find out precious little about me. Apparently the creators of facebook would like us to share everything with everybody; photos, videos, what music we are listening to, what we are watching on television; (what knickers we are wearing) as a sort of running commentary on our lives.  For what purpose, do they really think that anyone is interested, and besides if I really wanted to tell anyone there is always the telephone, or why not write a book, as I did.  I am sure that my account, with it’s evasions and half-truths will be a far better guide to who I am, than anything you will find on facebook.

If anyone feels inclined to be my friend on facebook, I will happily accept you, even though I undoubtedly do not know you. I am known as Catherine Sstory.  So go ahead, be my friend, and we will see what all the fuss about facebook is all about.