We Have Been Rather Busy

Thursday 21st December


The last few days have been somewhat of a whirlwind.  I returned from my usual monthly trip to England on Tuesday the Twelth.  And straight into preparations for our party the following day.   This ahd been planned a few weeks earlier, but still lots to do on the day.  Outside lights, indoor lights, moving furniture and so on.  It was a brilliant success.  We lost count of how many people came but it must have beena round 70.  Burgers and live music and a good time had by all – I hope.

Very little sleep and up early on Thursday morning for the market.  Quite busy in the café, then home to clear up most of the aftermath of the party.  And to pack the car for England.

We left around four on Friday morning, stopping for a break at Brive La Guyarde.  Then the long stretch to Paris.  A bt slow going through the city but out the other side we saw a plane take off right above us as the runway of Charles de Gaulle Airport go right over the motorway.

We got home (well, to one of our homes) around nine, UK time on Friday night. Saturday was unloading the car and some shopping.  And Sunday we went to Northampton to my sister’s for the annual family gathering and present exchange. Lovely to see everyone, especially the little ones.  Monday was decluttering the London house and more shopping.  And Tuesday we drove to my house in Walton with a car full of chairs and a fridge for storage in my garage.  Changing a light bulb in one of the bedrooms I stupidly stood on the bed and then fell of injuring two fingers and an elbow.  Werves me right in a way, but it didn’t half hurt. And still does.

Wednesday – more shopping, this time for paint for France and back, again visiting more relatives on the way.

To say I am shattered must be an understatement.  But we will still be busy until Christmas itself with two more meals out planned and a few repairs still to do to the London house.

I have been almost too busy to even write this…