The Weekend is a time for work

Sunday 18th May

I used to think that the weekend was for relaxing, for taking it easy after a hard week at work.  But I was wrong.  Once upon a time it is true I would buy the Saturday and Sunday Independent and read them from cover to cover in my leisurely weekends of old, but now alas I barely have time for a glance on-line.  The weekends I have discovered are the time for work, for all that work you neglected in the week, for the gardens (three remember) which grow ferociously and atrociously, respecting no borders, weeds twice as fast as plants, nettles springing up alongside dandelions and bushes growing almost before your very eyes.  So this weekend it was Walton, for the first time in about four weeks and everything needed trimming, snipping, cutting back, pulling up and generally tidying.

But before that, as this is also the last weekend before France, there was buying of paint and cheap disposable brushes and all those little things either so hard to find or ridiculouslessly expensive over there; H.P. sauce, Heinz beans, light bulbs.  Yes the humble light bulb is amazing expensive across the channel.  So it was a trip to the range and Wilkinsons and the famous 99p store.  Also a few clothes as again I have neglected my summer wardrobe this year until now.

Other jobs included re-potting a huge cactus and taking a rhododendron back to London.  So far it is only Saturday, and of course Sunday promises to be just as busy.  I will have to go back to work on Monday for a rest….