The Weather Here Has Been Quite Poor

Sunday 30th June

What is it with the world?   I buy a house in South West France, where sunshine is almost guaranteed, where they grow sunflowers and grapes are ripening on the vine before your eyes and what has happened.   I came here in February and though quite mild it was wet.  Easter we came with friends and it was both cold and wet, the locals hadn’t had such a bad Easter in years. We drove down at Whitsun and again it was mostly wet and unseasonably cold.  I flew in on Thursday at the end of June, which, need I remind you, is mid-summer.  The day we landed the sun was shining and it was quite warm, then on Friday it was overcast and gloomy.  Today it was cold and cloudy and drizzled on and off for most of the day.  That didn’t stop us having a nice time, and driving around and seeing some pretty villages and I even swam in the lake again, but hot it certainly was not.

Where has the summer gone?  Everyone n the town is asking the same question.  To make things worse this afternoon while it was drizzling here we were watching tennis at Wimbledon in bright sunshine.

Oh well, I can only presume that it will be nice at the end of July and in August when we are here for longer.  Meanwhile from a dull and dreary France I sincerely hope the weather is better in England.