The Tide Comes In

Wednesday 18th April

How small we are.  Humans.  On this rather beautiful planet we are very very small.  Large enough to make an impact, but not as much as we may think.  Yes, we have built cities and tamed rivers and can fly in the air, but many other species have shaped the planet more than us.  Grass, for one.  Apparently grass has been one of the most successful species ever.  It is practically everywhere, and it slowly turns forest into desert, and has done so in Africa, Australia and Asia.  Insects are probably the most successful species of all, (though there are absolutely millions of different ones).  They have changed the way that plants propagate, and their short life span means they can adapt far quicker to climate changes then lumbering great long-lived beasts like us.  In fact generally it is the larger species which are struggling on our planet, the elephants and the rhinos and giraffes, and many species of whale too are decreasing in numbers.

But it seems that every day the tide comes in, and the tide goes out.  I often watch the sea, when at Walton and am amazed.  Not only at the clockwork mechanism of the moon’s 28 day trajectory, but at the effect it has.  All that water being moved around the planet twice every day. And it has been happening for millions of years and is totally oblivious of whatever species are fighting for dominance on Earth.  It actually gives me some strange comfort.  To realise that whatever the follies of mankind the tide will still be coming in and going out.  And even if we completely pollute and poison the planet and eventually obliterate ourselves, then life will still go on, adapting and changing as it always has done.  The tide comes in and then goes out….

And politically we should not despair.  It was just over a Century ago that the Russian Revolution changed the World.  Nothing stays the same forever.  The tide comes in and the tide goes out.  Things will one day change for the better.