The Temperature Rises

Friday 23rd June

We are all having some sort of a heat-wave, temperatures all over Europe on the rise.  Including Britain of course, where you have been suffering mid-thirties for a few days.  Spare a thought for us.  We have had approaching and breaking 40 degrees for almost a week now.  But actually it is the nights which are worse, it almost seems as if the temperature actually rises just as you are going to bed.  Windows wide open and still not a breath of air.  But somehow you do manage to sleep, if only fitfully.

And with the aftermath of the election still fresh in the air, the Political temperature has risen too.  At this time of year it usually cools down; M.P.s keen to get away for their long Summer break.  But Brexit has now started in earnest.  And despite all the Media commentariat declaring that a hard Brexit is dead, we still do not know what (if there is indeed any) our beleaguered Government’s plans are.  Mind you, Labour seem almost as confused.  During the campaign their line was that we would have to leave the Single Market, but since then – quite a few voices have risen to declare their desire for a much softer Brexit.  British industry too, which had apparently been slumbering for a year, is now demanding at least, full access to the Market.  Indeed, even the Government seems muddled, declaring one minute that they will walk away from a ‘bad deal’ and the next that ensuring a trade deal is of the utmost importance.

Also we now have the unusual situation of an almost, or possibly, or we simply don’t know – of some sort of an arrangement with the DUP.  Fraught with danger for the Peace Process as it is, nevertheless the Tories are terrified of a quick Election, especially with Mrs. May in charge.  And yet they don’t want a leadership contest just now either.  They are hoping the shine will come off Jeremy and Labour and that the temperature will fall.  But the heat is on I am afraid and shows no sign of letting up…