The Olympics are almost here

Tuesday 24th July

So, after all the hype, all the disaster predictions, all the moans, the security fiasco, and the rain, the sun is here and so too almost are the Olympics.  I know that they are commercialized almost out of sight, and McDonalds and Coke have sponsored them to bits, and most of the (top) athletes are millionaires already, and earn a fortune from Nike and Adidas, but you have to look beyond that.  You have to go back into the mind of a child who was watching the Rome Olympics in grainy black and white on a tiny Murphy television in the early sixties.  That child wondered what the Olympics meant, and asked questions and found out that they were only held every four years, and all the very best of athletes and swimmers and cyclists and horse riders turned up somewhere in the World and tried to win medals.  Every four years?  But that was almost a lifetime to wait until the next one, and as each one happened the wonder never ceased, as the Opening Ceremonies became more and more expensive and spectacular, as the stadia became more outlandish, as the TV coverage became ubiquitous, as the athletes ran faster and the weightlifters lifted more, and the drugs scandals started unfolding, and the buying of votes of the committee members and the bankrupting of cities became synonymous with this four-yearly extravaganza, the wonder never ceased.  Because in a way, just like ART, the Olympics are another one of those activities which humans cannot stop themselves from doing, but that really serve no purpose.  And that is really why they are so wonderful.  In themselves they are pointless, except that they add immeasurably to human happiness.  Just like ART.   So, stop the moaning and ENJOY.  It will be four years till the next one.