The more chaos, the clearer I see my way

Wednesday 26th March

There are times in your life when it all closes in.  Chaos chaos everywhere, and whereas most people panic it seems that I have amazing bouts of clarity and can see my way.  Maybe chaos is my natural state, though I crave order.  Maybe only at times of chaos does my brain even begin to wake up and smell the coffee, breathe in deep and analyse the problem.  Who knows.  But the worse it all gets somehow I start to feel uplifted, and start to plan a new direction, a way out of it all.

The real killer is complacency.  And yet we all hate change; change threatens us, we are scared of the unknown, though most often change can be accommodated quite easily – all you need is a sense of direction.  And it is amazing how that comes when you are initially overwhelmed with it all.

At work at the moment there is one restaurant closing, and decisions have to be taken quickly – suddenly I am full of ideas, solutions, possible ways of sorting things out.  Another restaurant, we are losing a key person and in theory their work will fall in my direction.  I am taking the opportunity to rethink the whole Accounts operation, turning it to my advantage, outsourcing payroll, and streamlining other operations.  For a few years now, I was complacent, nothing changed, I was just going through the same motions month after month.  Now it is all change, and actually  am relishing it.