The Latest In a Long Line…

Sunday 22nd July

….of lunatics.  Dominic Raab (now I wonder where that surname comes from – sounds suspiciously un-English) has joined the long list of idiots spouting Brexit nonsense for the hordes of rabid idiots in the Tory party.  His latest pronouncement is that no deal (on trade) means no divorce payment.  Well, for a while now the Government has been saying that nothing is finalised until everything is finalised – meaning that even the already agreed heads of agreement will not be a ‘deal’ until arrangements for future trade are agreed.  Although of course the EU has a different and legal interpretation of this.  They have always insisted that the two things – Divorce, if you will, and future trade are separate entities.  Mrs May in both her Lancaster House and her Venice speeches had insisted that Britain will honour it’s legal and financial obligations.  So, in effect the rantings of Dominic Raab are nonsense.  And of course he knows it. This is dog-whistle politics, designed to appeal to Brexit voters who do not understand the finer details – which may well be why they voted Brexit in the first place.

Mr. Raab is a particularly nasty Tory, having advocated getting rid of all workplace workers protections once Brexit was done; this before he became the (second) Brexit Secretary.  Actually he makes David Davis seem quite cuddly, no mean feat.

Where this is all heading is disaster.  Either we accept EU compromises, which will effectively mean we are still in the Customs Union and maybe the Single Market – which will result in a mass revolt of the Tory blinkered Little Englanders and the demise of Mother Theresa.  Or we walk out and we have no deal – no transition period, falling back on WTO rules, chaos and confusion – and a General Election where Mrs. May will appeal to the masses to back her.  Back her, in bringing the country into economic meltdown, to manufacturing and farming collapsing, etc, etc.

And who knows….

The Opinion Polls are never that reliable, but apparently 43% of those asked think her plan is very bad and only 13 % think it is good.  Now whether those are Remainers who think any plan is bad or Leavers who want something Harder is impossible to tell.  And I think she will gamble….hold on to your seats and make sure you have your seat-belt on.  Mind you airbags won’t help much…