The BBC is soul searching again – who cares?

Wednesday 24th October

Really, what is the matter with the Beeb.  Every so often it starts a process of soul-searching, scratching over the scabs and letting the blood run free, and even questioning its own existence.  Even more than the press itself, which needed to examine itself after the Phone-Hacking saga, the Beeb seems to feel the need for public expiation and are not happy until heads and then higher up heads and even higher up heads roll.  Who knew what and where did the buck stop and why was nothing done will continue until the organisation itself is almost ripped apart, new guidelines will be instigated until the ‘public’ are somehow supposed to be reassured that the soul of the BBC is pure again.

It happened over the dodgy dossier, which was not only dodgy but complete drivel, and it is happening again over Jimmy Saville.  He must be laughing in his grave to think he is still being talked about and remembered, if for all the wrong reasons of course.  And so what.  I mean what is it all for?  So, someone, and honestly I couldn’t care less who, had a word with someone else who nodded to someone else who winked at someone else and in the mysterious non-attributable way these things are done the original investigation by Newsnight was pulled.  I am sure there have been worse crimes – Jimmy Saville’s for starters.  It must happen all the time, and we shouldn’t be surprised by it.  And at the end of the day the truth, or what will become the accepted version of the truth will emerge, and we will all tut-tut and shake our heads and then forget all about it, until Jimmy’s name crops up every so often and we can congratulate ourselves on remembering what a pervert he was.  And in the meantime, amidst the rending of torn sackcloth and the chastising with cat-o-nine tails, good men will lose their jobs because of one stupid mistake.  And what none of the staff at the BBC realises is that nobody cares. So stop it now, and get on with entertaining, educating and occasionally enlightening us; you’re really quite good at it you know.