Sorry for the wait

Saturday 26th April

Over ten days with no blogging, and strange that for three years was once such a vital part of my life can have been dropped so easily.  The reasons are as follows; firstly friends arrived to visit us in France, and I was so busy that I had next to no time to write a daily blog, let alone log in to post it on-line.  Then the journey back, where I was moody and out of sorts, one of the dogs was poorly too and, exhausted at the other end, we had to rush to the vets.  After a week of him looking miserable he is at last seeming to perk up a bit.  The day following which was Easter Monday I went in to work to catch up on the mountain of work but sadly had an awful migraine headache all day which I just couldn’t shake off so to be when I got in and I slept.  Tuesday a very long day at work until 8.30, home and shattered and to bed.

Then Wednesday I had an operation for Glaucoma on my eye, so I was out of action almost all day.  Thursday and recovering somewhat but vision still blurry, so didn’t write anything.  Today (Friday) to Walton and feeling better though still tired.  So a half-hearted excuse, and a hal-hearted blog.

Maybe I will get back on the case soon.