Sometimes No news Is Good News

Sometimes No news Is Good NewsWednesday 25th MarchI do love the news.  For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to the News.  As a teenager I used to steal a Times from my paper round and read it avidly while the maths teacher was droning on, more interested in UDI in Rhodesia than Logarythms.  Usually too during the day at every opportunity I grab a look at 24 hour rolling news.  But yesterday I was returning to England and busy packing my case or helping in the café so I didn’t get a chance to switch on.
And thank goodness I didn’t.  I am always a bit nervous flying.  Rationally I know that flying is by far the safest form of flying, or one of them; that you are far more likely to be killed on the roads than in the air.  But.  As the plane speeds along the runway and as the plane lifts your heart almost skips a beat.  Relief; because of course take off and landing are by far the most dangerous parts of the flight.  Then I am buried in my kindle, or listening to music or trying to sleep.  A bit more nervousness during landing, then another sigh of relief as we taxi to the stand.  Can’t wait to get off though and put my feet on terra firma again.  A quick text to say “Landed safely” and through Passport Control, grab a coffee and onto the train (another safe from of transport).I grabbed an Evening Standard at Stratford, and on page 2, a small paragraph about a plane disappearing, presumed crashed in the French Alps.  Home and the news is full of it.  Distressed relatives, aerial shots of mountainsides and helicopters searching for wreckage.  Hollande and Merkel rushing to the scene, the usual unanswered questions – why were there no Mayday calls etc:  Thank Goodness yesterday I hadn’t seen the news at all.  I am sure I would have been okay, but possibly a bit more nervous.