Wednesday 21st June


‘Did you like that?’  June tentatively asked Ted.   She wasn’t sure if he would think she was too forward or slutty or, something like that.

‘Well, it was different my girl, I don’t mind telling you that.’ he replied leaning up on one elbow, ‘Where did you learn that trick then?’

‘My girlfriends are all talking about it – you know, the ones I used to work with in Dormans before I got married, we get together every now and then.’ she explained. ‘They are mostly married but Leslie and Janice are single.  Everyone is doing it, apparently.  I had sort of heard something about it a while ago, but now it’s all the rage; or so Janice was saying.  So I thought we should try it. Did you like it, Ted?  Would you like me to do it again?’ she asked, maybe a bit too eagerly.

‘Maybe later, you know what I really likes though, don’t you June?’ and he smiled that devilish smile of his, as he gently patted her bare bottom. ‘But tell me, have you done that with Phil?’

‘You must be joking, Ted!’ June was shocked he could think such a thing. ’Phil and I hardly have sex anymore, let alone that sort of loving.  To be honest I can’t wait till Harriet has finished University and Jane and her leave home, then I can begin to sort myself out.’

‘What do you mean, “sort yourself out”?  You can’t be that unhappy, can you?  You’ve a lovely home and Phil’s always been a good earner, you can’t want for nothin’ surely.’ He said.

‘Oh Ted – none of that means a thing; the house, the clothes, the car, they’re not the things that matter.’

‘So what does matter June?  What is it you really want?’

‘Don’t you know Ted?  Why do you think I have kept on seeing you all these years; and right under the nose of my sister too?’ June looked deep into his eyes as she continued. ‘I love you Ted.  More than I ever thought I could love anyone.  I’ve tried, believe me I’ve tried, but I don’t think I could carry on if I didn’t have you.’ Scared of seeing his reaction she looked down and spoke quietly, as if to herself,   ‘I kept telling myself to forget you; that I should just accept my lot with Phil and the girls, but I can’t do that.  In a couple of years Harriet will have finished her studies and Jane will have left school, they’ll be able to cope without me then.  Heaven knows I’ve been a poor mother to them anyway.  I always felt that Harriet never needed me somehow, even as a little girl she was so independent, and Jane, well Jane follows Harriet around like a lost sheep.  I do worry about her, but what can I do, what use am I to her anyway?  Besides she’ll be a grown-up soon and will have to manage her own life. I have enough to think about myself without worrying how everyone else will cope when I am gone.’

*  * *

‘Did you like that Jim?’  Harriet smiled back at him, knowing of course that he loved it.  All men did, so she’d heard, and besides Jim was so smacked-up half the time he couldn’t keep it up when he tried fucking her, it kept going floppy.

‘Mmmm, that was lovely.  Now what do you want for that my sweet little chick.  I know you only come round here when you want something, don’t you?’

‘Yeah that’s about it Jim.  I like you alright, but no way do I want to be your girlfriend or any of that lovey-dovey bollocks.  What have you got for me this time?’

‘Not that much at the moment.  My man has let me down a bit.  I’ve got some Mandys and Purple Hearts, but not much else.  Unless, of course, you want to try some of the real hard stuff; I’ve got some acid and ‘H’ if you really want to give it a go.  Not sure if you’re ready for acid yet though, a few weeks ago you’d only smoked a bit of dope now and then; I don’t want to be the man who turns you into a junkie.’

‘I’m far too sensible to end up a junkie Jim.  I do stuff ‘cause it gives me a thrill, but if you know anything about me you must know I am not the junkie type.  I will never end up in the gutter; I can assure you of that.  I have things to do, people to meet, places to see, and no nasty little habit is gonna stop me.  And you are right, I am not ready for heroin yet, but I might try some acid, but it’s got to be the right time and the right place, I don’t want a bad trip.’

‘Well, if you are sure, there is a party coming up next weekend out at this big house in the country, and they’re all planning to drop acid; there’s gonna be a couple of bands playing in the gardens too, so it should be really cool.  If you like I can pick you up on Friday evening, it’s gonna last right over the weekend, so be prepared.  This stuff is real strong and will last for two days so you better prepare yourself.  It’ll be a blast.’

*  * *