Sexting, What The Hell Is That All About?

Tuesday 30th September

I was for a short while on a dating website and I am amazed to hear of many women’s experiences of receiving unwanted images of men’s dicks; I never even imagined sending a picture of myself in any kind of supposedly “sexy” pose at all.  But apparently “sexting” is all the rage.  A Tory minister has had to resign because he sent images of himself to who he believed was a young female Tory PR girl but which was really a Sunday Mirror reporter.  While deploring this “Agent Provocateur” style of journalism you have to admit the man was an idiot.  But then we all know that men have been gifted with two magnificent organs, the brain and the penis – unfortunately they can only use one at a time.   So, what is it with people, is this the new form of chatting someone up, sending them a picture of your tits or arse or pecs or something even worse?  It would appear so.  I was shocked at the news of female “stars” having nude photos of themselves’ stolen from their mobiles; not shocked about the theft but that they should have such images in the first place.  But sexting explains it, this is obviously the new calling card, “Look at this honey – fancy getting your hands (or something else) around this?”

But actually, although laughable (if I sent a life-size image of my dick it would probably fit the screen of a mobile) there is a far more serious and sinister side to this craze.  Apparently young teen girls are being plagued both by pornographic images and by requests that they reciprocate by sending selfies of themselves naked.  Images which will undoubtedly be shared around the playground.  It seems that every new technological achievement brings with it more dangers.  I can remember maybe thirty years ago one idiot I vaguely knew showing everyone in the pub a Polaroid picture of his girlfriend sucking his dick.  I thought him a nasty pratt at the time and felt so sorry for the girl, who thankfully I didn’t know.  So girls just be sensible and don’t take any nude selfies or let your boyfriend either, it might seem like innocent fun but like everything else on the internet it is forever.