Return To Factory Settings

Wednesday 31st July

The future is always almost upon us, we just haven’t realised it yet.  Our only real function as humans is to be consumers; to spend our money on goodies, to keep the wheels of industry turning.  Savings are useless, spend spend spend…and as quick as possible too.  And we must not actually remember anything.  1984 is already here.   Words mean what we tell you they mean.  Yesterday’s news is expunged from our brains and we must accept today’s truth – until tomorrow of course.  No inkling of conscience must remain, anything is acceptable as long as we cannot remember what we did bad yesterday.  And so with Politicians, so with us all.

And when we get confused, as some faint memory rises to the surface and fights its way past all the Celebrity news (which is the only news of any real value at all) and the froth.  When our brains think they might remember something we did or said a few days ago, or was it something we heard, surely that can’t be right.  But wait a minute – that causes unhappiness, that brings doubt into the equation – and as consumer units we cannot question things – that only brings pain.

So, press the reset button, return to factory settings – and all that nasty stuff, those bad memories, in fact all memories, all disturbing thoughts are deleted, your in-box is nicely empty again.  This is the only way to remain contented today.  Every day reset your mind, return yourself to factory settings and forget what you cannot possibly remember anyway.  Stop worrying, the machine will restart in a few minutes, do not switch off – 10% of updates are completed, your brain will restart in a few minutes.