Return to Eymet

Wednesday 29th July

I am flying back today, so England relieved and France beware.  It has been a quite trying time, I seem to have been rushing about like a lunatic and have barely had a chance to catch my breath.  I worked all day Friday at Walton and managed to get my Restaurant’s work bang up to date.  Saturday I trained it back to London, slogged on the tube home, dealt with post etc, then out to buy a birthday present for the youngest of my grandchildren.  She is only two, so it is easier than the others who are all growing up too fast.  I felt quite ill on the tube, even though it was dull and overcast and actually almost chilly above ground.  I trudged round John Lewis toy department feeling quite faint but found a toy for her and was relieved to be on my way back home.  Almost at my door and I noticed a couple of our friends just arriving; to be fair they were just going to spend time in our garden and didn’t know I would be back.  We ended up cutting down a few overgrown bushes, our extending loppers giving us all some fun.  They left about 8.30 and I got in a take-away curry.

But I slept badly and still felt quite ill.  Sunday and I was out at ten and to Stevenage to see my youngest daughter and two of my grandchildren.  Lovely day but I was exhausted when I got home at four.  Then our four best London friends came round and we went for a late lunch at the Firestation.  All very nice and I spent the rest of the evening wrapping the Birthday present and tidying up. Slept badly again….no idea why.  To work on Monday to prepare payroll and do last week’s invoices.  Then home and picking up Birthday present and off to Dunstable to see my other daughter and her two lovely girls.  Again a lovely time, but this feeling of exhaustion was ever-present, especially when travelling on the over-crowded tube trains.

Third night running I slept really badly.  Breakfast meeting with my boss and then to the Royal London Hospital for (wait for it) an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm Screening.  I had my suitcase, repacked the night before, and waited and waited and was eventually seen.  As you get older you get caught up in more and more health issues.  All clear, not that I was aware I was at risk of said Aneurysm, but nice to know anyway.  Then to Liverpool Street and to Stowmarket, where I will stay the night with Mum and Dad before returning for a rest (I hope) in Eymet.  And you think your life is busy ???