Reflections on the passing of time

Monday 22 August   

And another week has gone by; they just seem to fly away these days.  Everyone says the same thing, but I wonder if it is just our perception.  Maybe people always felt that time was going too fast, that one week was beginning again almost before the last one was gone.  One glances at the news and yes, the wretched football season has started again, so we know now that the summer is almost gone already.  Not that we have had that much of a summer this year, what started with such promise in April has fizzled out into cloudy, warm and squally days. But I don’t expect that that will stop the Met. Office, or whoever compiles these statistics’ these days, to gaily announce in January of next year that actually it was again one of the hottest years on record.

Possibly the complete saturation of our lives by news and media, means that everything that happens every year, in itself, and purely because it has happened again, becomes news, and we are reminded once again, that the first cricket test has started, or that a bank holiday, with its’ unavoidable traffic jams is soon to be upon us once more.  Or whatever the news organisations choose to fill up their ever-expanding schedules with, in itself, because it is “on the news”, becomes a reminder of the passing of time.

And can you remember this feeling as a child?  No, everything was new and vibrant then.  Christmases and Birthdays seemed ages apart; and almost took us by surprise, although we had been anticipating them for weeks. And the idea, the very notion that we would one day be grown-up, seemed impossible.  Could we ever wait for that length of time?  But before we knew it we were adults, and the lazy innocence of being a child was behind us, and we were finally of our time, on time for everything and constantly aware that we didn’t have enough time, and that time itself was going faster and faster.

And even when one really has very little of importance to do, the days helter-skelter by, and one finds oneself again with that Monday morning feeling.  So cheer up now, in no time at all it will be Friday and your working week will be behind you, you will be another week older, and in no time at all you will be in your sixties and then in your seventies, and looking back and wondering where on earth the time went.