Reading Music Magazines

Sunday 31st May

That’s what I do.  Have done for years and will do until I die.  It started with Time Out and City Limits back in the early seventies, when they were writing about and reviewing new bands. I occasionally bought Melody Maker or New Musical Express (NME) but then they both fell in love with Punk and I hated both it and them; they reviled my old heroes and called them dinosaurs – well, who has had the last laugh, guys.  Anyway, I bought Q almost from the first issue and then started buying Uncut which featured, and still does, a free CD of new music each month.  I stopped my subscription to Q a few years ago, as it began to chase a younger audience.  Uncut is still mostly for us ‘oldies’ with regular features about the Beatles, Stones, Who and a whole skew of lesser known musical favourites of mine. When I moved house I had hundreds of old issues up in the loft, but I just threw them away; I wanted a clean sweep.

I have Uncut delivered to Walton and always look forward to it; some issues seem to be written specifically for me and I often read it from cover to cover.  If I am flying I often buy Mojo, which is nearly as good as Uncut and it makes the journey a lot less stressful.  So, what is it that I love.  Partly it is a nostalgia trip, but I am actually just as interested in the Review sections where a lot of bands I have never heard of feature. I am like a sponge, that just loves absorbing more and more information – just as I never tire of listening to all my old CDs, and a few new ones too.  Watching quiz shows I laugh to myself as I realize how well I would do on any music question before 1990.  My daughter, who is almost as fanatical about Dance Music of the nineties and onwards keeps buying me newer stuff for Birthdays and Christmas.  I usually like them, but there is just so much old stuff, remastered and box-sets, which I need to keep buying and reading about, and many of my old heroes are still releasing new stuff, Dylan, Neil Young and Leonard, so I need to keep reading music magazines just to keep up with them.