Thursday 27th February

It used to be one of the funniest comedies on TV.  Outnumbered.  And the clever thing was it seemed just so natural, the normal madness and irritations of life we have all encountered.  Especially the kids, who appeared to be not acting at all.  Apparently the show was largely unscripted, the cast were just given ideas and themes.  Anyway however it was done it worked and it became an instant favourite of mine.

And now it is back.  Everyone is that bit older.  Jake is seventeen, Ben is thirteen and Karen eleven.  The show has returned and it is just as good.  The kids have moved on and are totally in charge now.  And Mum and Dad are just as hapless.  Last night’s episode was a classic.  It was about communication or the lack of it.  Everyone was on mobile phones and yet couldn’t communicate with each other.

The children are even more annoying and yet lovable at the same time.  And you can’t help feeling sympathy with all the characters.  A sign of a true comedy.