Noise is all around, everywhere you go

Friday 27th July

In London that is.  It may indeed be quieter in the countryside, but even here it is hard to escape the effects of modern life, as 12 wheel juggernauts trundle through small villages daily, and the combined harvesters will be out soon filling the air with diesel and dust.  And every house you pass, even quite late at night has their windows open and television blaring,   The twenty four hour lifestyle means cars constantly drone past too, and Ocada delivery vans are still slamming their doors long past ten in the evening.   And now with the Olympics comes the full utilization of the quiet hours; all shops and restaurants are now required to receive their deliveries between midnight and 6 a.m.   This is supposedly because the roads will be so full of Olympic visitors that someone came up with the bright idea of night-time deliveries, so at-a-stroke removing all of those commercial vehicles from the roads.  As well as causing chaos and extra cost for small businesses, who now have to employ someone to sit and wait for the deliveries, there is also the problem of pollution continuing 24 hours a day, to say nothing of the noise.  But in a way we are all becoming addicted to noise.  It feels quite eerie of you can hear nothing at all, so we reach for the remote as soon as we get in, if only to fill the void with human voices.  And rather than actually have to talk to someone, we plug in our earphones and drown out the silence with what passes for music these days.  Quite often on the tube every person is encapsulated in their own private universe, and silent as it is when you switch your i-player off, noise is all around, everywhere you go.