Neglected Poems No. 6 – The Things That I Want

Thursday 26th February

One of the reasons I am calling these particular entries “Neglected Poems”, is because many of them are quite old.  I only keep the ones I really like, those that I think might be any good.  Consequently there will never be enough to fill a whole poetry book, so neglected poems they will remain, hahaha.   This one has a certain bravado, almost a gusto to it.  I still like some of the couplets, though the ending is a bit weak I must admit.  It is the same old story of unrequited love I am afraid.  Hope you like it…

The Things That I Want

I want to kiss you on the mouth

I want to taste you North and South

I want to face you East and West

I want to suckle – you at my breast

I want to nuzzle – to graze on your flesh

I want you slept in and I want you fresh

I want to fall – to die in your arms

I want to expose and corrupt all your charms

I want to be held and I want to be bound

I want to be lost – never to be found

I want to be healed if I should fall ill

I want to be taken against my will

I want to be certain I can see my way

I want to be deluged and drenched and swept away

I want to keep my heart safe in a deposit box

I want you to break in and smash all the locks

I want to dance you through all of these nights

I want to show you unearthly delights

I want to keep you away from the world

I want to wave you – my flag unfurled

I want to break your resistance down

I want you subservient – a dog on the ground

I want to teach you to fly on your own

I want to sit beside all the men you’ve known

I want to observe as you prepare for your day

I want to watch as you falter and sway

I want to remark as you write me that letter

“I want you to know I could have written it better”

I want to desert you – to leave you alone

I want your heart to leap as you wait by the phone

I want you to know I might always be here

I want to calm, alarm and conquer your fear

I want you to wear all of my rings

I want you to be, oh so many things

I want to understand every inch of you

I want to – but really I haven’t a clue

I want to deserve by the sweat of my brow

I want to have learned all my lessons by now

I want you to know I’m ready for your touch

I want to grow up and stop wanting so much